The church of San Bernardino is the first that was built in honor of the Saint of Siena in the same year when he became Saint (1450).

Eustachio Licini called Cacciaguerra (that means “he fights against war”) wanted this church dedicated to Bernardino because he had met him in the Convent of “Grazie” in Bergamo founded by Bernardino and where Eustachio was a friar.

This church of S.Bernardino is a rare example of a church covered by frescos: totally including the walls and ceiling, with stories dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Bernardino and with tales of the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of Christ.

In the lateral chapels, added in 1532, there are frescoes of several popular local Saints.

Under the arches of the nave you can admire the Sibyls and the Prophets; 99 paintings inside the church are by Gerolamo Colleoni (1500-1570), Cristoforo Baschenis the Old (1520-1613) and an unknown painter (we only know the initials of his name: T.L and the date of his painting: 1619).

Once also the outside façade was painted with two levels of frescoes. They were removed in 1967 by Soprintendenza (a national public office) to avoid being totally ruined and now you can see them in the sacristy of the parish church of Lallio.