May 20th is the feast of San Bernardino of Siena, canonized in 1450 by Pope Nicholas V. The city of Bergamo paid homage to him from the beginning, paying homage to him for his great work as peacemaker in the city where he went several times, also residing in the convent of San Francesco in the Upper Town, between 1419 and 1422. The Dies Bernardinianus wants to restore the right value to this saint who did so much for our territory, leaving the mark of his preaching in many religious places (churches and convents) and lay (squares, streets, public places bearing his name or his JHS symbol (contracted name of Jesus).

In Lallio we have been celebrating him since Friday 19 May: at 8 pm a Holy Mass will be celebrated in his honor followed by a procession through the streets of the town during which some excerpts from his most famous sermons will be read.

On Saturday 20 May at 18, still in San Bernardino, Maestro Maurizio Stefanìa will hold a conference to illustrate the characteristics of the concert that will be performed the following day. Following there will be a brief illustration of the characteristics of the church of San Bernardino which will be focused in particular on the frescoes of the life of the Saint, painted by Cristoforo Baschenis the Elder.

On Sunday 21 May at 7 pm the church will host the first national performance of J.S.Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” with the soloists referred to in the hall program attached here (A4 format front/rear).

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