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Church openings in August and September

Thanks to the availability of our volunteers, this year too, in this hot summer 2018, we can guarantee the opening of the church of San Bernardino in the following days and times:

every Saturday and Sunday in August and September from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm


SATURDAY 25 AUGUST, due to a previous private liturgical function, the church will be open to the public starting at 17.00

SUNDAY 9 SEPTEMBER, due to a private liturgical function, the church will be open to the public starting at 17.00

Saturday, September 15, due to the theatrical show “tour of Lallio” (h.14.30 with reply at 16.00), the opening for visits only is canceled.

SUNDAY 23 SEPTEMBER, due to a private liturgical function, the church will not be open for visits

Guided tours: at 4.00 pm on the following days: Sunday 2 September, Sunday 16 September.

We are waiting for you!

Sunday, July 1 guided tour h 16 and concert h.21

At 4 pm guided tour of the church, free and open to all

At 9 pm we host the Ensamble Utfasol with the concert “Pax et Bonum” with rare and ancient wind instruments. Free admission.

See poster

Last concert of May 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018, at 21 in the church of San Bernardino in Lallio, will be held the concert “Laudate eum in tubae” or “The art of singing and sonar with all sorts of instruments”.

The Ensemble UtFaSol and the students of the class of cornet and trombone of the civic school of music Artemia will perform and will sing the voices of sopranos, tenors, alto and bass of the Ensemble “G.Carissimi” of Lecco.

You can download the hall program here Programma di sala 30_05_2018

3rd concert of May of the Rassegna d’Arte e Musica Antica

You can not miss the next concert scheduled.
Thursday, May 24 at 21, will be held in the church of San Bernardino in Lallio, the concert entitled “Ecstasy and Furia”.
The ensemble “Gli archi del Cherubino” is of high quality and will accompany the voice of Gemma Bertagnolli, an internationally renowned soprano.

Here you can download the hall program with details of the concert and performers.

Programma di sala 24_05_2018


With the concert of 19 May h.21 the celebrations of the eighth edition of Dies Bernardinianus begin in Lallio, the consolidated initiative that sees us in collaboration, as well as with the Parish of Lallio, with the Parish of St.M. Immaculate of the Graces of Bergamo and the Cultural Center of the Graces.

The concert is part of the review on ancient art and music.

Here the concert hall program from 19.05.18 Def_Programma di sala 19_05_2018

Sunday afternoon at 4.00 pm guided tour of the church by our president Paola Morganti.

Monday at 20:00 Liturgical celebrations. After mass, a procession through the streets of the city with readings of passages taken from the sermons of San Bernardino.

Here is the poster of the Lallio-Dies 2018 program

Information on other initiatives in Bergamo and its province by Dies Bernardinianus:

Review of Ancient Art and Music – May 2018

The traditional ART AND ANCIENT MUSIC REVIEW of May 2018 begins

This is the program

Locandina_Rassegna 05_

2018Tascabile_rassegna 2018

Guided tour by the Gilda of the Arts

Saturday, May 5 at 15.30 in the church of San Bernardino
The “La Guild of Arts” Company will hold a theatrical guided tour.

The initiative is part of the “Theatrical Incursions” program which foresees different events in different places in the Province.
Free admission

Conversation on Raffaello echoes in Lallio

As part of the exhibition on Raphael underway at the Carrara Academy, we organized a conversation about the Raphaelesque echoes that can be recognized in the 16th and 17th century frescoes in our church of S. Bernardino.

The meeting will be held
Monday 23 April 2018 at 8.45 pm in the church of San Bernardino a Lallio.
There will be present dr. Andrea Mora of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Dr. Mariacristina Rodeschini, Director of the Carrara Academy of Bergamo.

More information here: Echi di Raffaello_Locandina

Beautiful concert of Easter Monday

On Monday 2 April, in the splendid setting of the church of San Bernardino, the concert “Membra Jesu Nostri”, by Dietrich Buxtehude, was held. It was 7 meditative cantatas on the parts of the body of Christ deposed by the Cross, interpreted excellently by the “Antiche Armonie” choir of Bergamo with 15 voices, including 10 soloists, as well as a theorbo, cello and organ, directed by Giovanni Duci.

The large audience present greatly appreciated the beautiful execution.

Openings Christmas period and concert

During the Christmas holidays the church will be opened by the volunteers according to the calendar attached:

Avviso Natale 2017-18

Sunday, December 7 at 16.45 also, after the guided tour of 15.30, there will be the concert “A guitar in the Nativity” by the duo of guitars Giacomo and Andrea Parimbelli